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Job Descriptions

CEO and production manager Juhan Kokla is coordinating all the activities, divide the assignments according to ones responsibilities and time sheet balance. He also manages the Spoony email address and communicates with retailers. As a production manager she keeps track of ready-made products and raw materials.

Marketing manager Kaspar Kuus
is making sure Spoony would reach as many estonians as possible and could enter the foreign market. His assignments include planning our marketing strategy and setting sales targets. He also replies to Facebook messages and handles the orders.
CFO Christopher Roosla is in charge of the bank account and the finances in general. All the money circulation goes through him. He regularly reports the financial standings and keeps documentation. According to his information financial decisons are made.

Designer and product development manager Hannah Caroline Segerkrantz is responsible for our design and brand image. She is in control of our social media. As a product development manager she constantly improves the recipes an design to offer a better quality product.